The legendary Flying Lions will take to the skies at the Newcastle Airshow

The Newcastle Airshow returns to Kwazulu Natal on the 30th of May 2015 and Legendary Flying Lions will take to the skies.
The Eqstra Flying Lions team, comprising of aerobatic stalwarts Scully Levin, Arnie Meneghelli, Stewart Lithgow and Ellis Levin, regularly grab headlines with their daring feats and magnificent aerial displays in their four T6 Harvard aircraft at airshows around South Africa. The Newcastle Airshow is sponsored by Eqstra Holdings; a JSE listed company leasing and rental provider, and industrial, construction and mining quipment importer and distributor. They are also a major player in the opencast contact mining and plant rental
“Grab those binoculars and join us for a day of awe-inspiring aerial manoeuvres, heart pumping adrenalin and good old fashioned family entertainment,” says Scully Levin, team leader of the Eqstra Flying Lions. “As one of the top airshows in Kwazulu Natal, we always look forward to visiting Newcastle, and the locals never fail to turn out in their masses to support us.”
The Eqstra Flying Lions have been in operation for 24 years and are regarded as an essential act at every major airshow across the country. Scully is arguably one of the country’s most famous aerobatic display pilots, with over 32 years of air show flying under his belt and more than 2000 airshow displays to his credit. Like Hannibal from the A-Team, Scully relishes every airborne moment, and loves it “when a plan comes together”. In aviation circles, Scully’s appeal lies in the boyish excitement with which he approaches every flight and every airshow.
Tickets are available at the airshow for R60 (adults) and R30 (children)

See the L29 at the Newcastle Airshow

The new BMW i8​ will be at the Newcastle Airshow

​The Newcastle Airshow is proud to announce that the new BMW i8​ will be at the Newcastle Airshow for the public to view and enjoy.
This is a first for NEWCASTLE and N KZN !
Make sure you visit the BWM Supertech Stand.
BMW Supertech will give away prizes every 2 hours at the Newcastle Airshow , make sure you enter the competition at the back of your entrance tickets.
Jets, Planes , Cars , Food , Play Park - The Newcastle Airshow the place to be on 30 May 2015.
Gates open at 9am !​

Experience Durban at the Newcastle Airshow

The last few years the organisers of the Newcastle Airshow decvided to bring Durban to Newcastle. The pas few years the Sandsculptures was a great attraction.
This year Durban Tourism will exhibit Durban Rickshaws.Come catch a ride and Enjoy Durban in Newcastle.

Smoke & Go

DareDevil of the Skies - Menni Parsons
Ask anyone. Menno is one of the kindest hearts and brightest minds on the local airshow circuit. Like Daredevil, whose one act of bravery to save someone’s life marked the start of his life as a superhero, Menno has built up a number of incredible acts of kindness that may well surpass his collection of aircraft.
For those crowd-pleasing jaw-dropping manoeuvres, Menno’s low-flying displays in his P51 Mustang require a near-supernatural enhancement of his senses, just like that of his superhero counterpart.
Through a combination of tutelage and self-training, Menno has mastered business and aerobatics in equal measure through the strength, agility and endurance usually associated with a Marvel superhero.
A self-made man with a superhuman heart, Menno is definitely one man who lives a full life, mostly because he doesn’t know how to hold back when he’s giving. Whether it’s in his displays or on a personal level, he’s always pushing boundaries.
After 23 years of flying helicopters, operating the Soc Trang Tiger is yet another expression of Alister Brown’s fervour for rotary wing
machines. “A squadron in Vietnam actually had a pet tiger, will you believe it? And that’s why this beauty is named as such.” The helicopter is used for fire-fighting and heavy lifting, and is fast becoming a favourite for specators.
The Flash - Chris Briers
Regarded as one of the fathers of the airshow circuit in South Africa, Chris Briers is renowned for his super short take-offs and fast-paced displays. Like The Flash, the countdown has hardly begun in the heads of spectators and already, Chris is in the sky!
From the Trojan T-28, a piston-engine military trainer aircraft used by the US Air Force, to the Embraer EMB Brasilia twin-turboprop commuter, Chris is comfortable and adept at displaying any aircraft. While he is a successful businessman as CEO of AirTeam, Chris’ unmistakable passion for aviation can be seen in his breathtaking displays that wow the crowds at airshows across the country.
IT IS No coincidence that he is likened to The Flash. Chris is also highly regarded for his camera work in aviation, producing some of the finest photographic collections from the local airshow scene.
Flying almost under the radar, evading the limelight like The Flash, Chris is a quiet behind-the-scenes aerobatic pilot who continues to actively contribute to the growing popularity of airshows in South Africa.
37 The Eqstra Flying Lions
For this formation aerobatic team that has enjoyed flying together for the past 15 years, the “superheroes” of the Eqstra Flying Lions
have always been their aeroplanes, the T-6 Harvards.
Regarded as the backbone of South Africa’s aviation heritage, the Harvard, as Scully Levin will tell you, is “the finest pilot trainer ever built!”.
The Harvards were a natural choice for Arnie Meneghelli who acquired four planes from the South African Air Force after they had been
decommissioned as trainers. It was in the shared hangar space at Rand Airport that Scully and Arnie met and fostered a friendship
which, over the years, has developed into a relationship akin to a brotherhood.
Each with a passion for aerobatics in equal measure, the two decided to create a formation aerobatic team, and so the Flying Lions were
Arguably the most recognisable face of aerobatics in South Africa and abroad, Scully is the team leader. he has 32 years and more than 2 000 airshow displays to his credit. Like Hannibal from the A-Team, Scully relishes every airborne moment, and loves it “when a plan comes
together”. in aviation circles, Scully’s appeal lies in the boyish excitement with which he approaches every flight and every airshow.
Left wingman in the formation team is Ellis Levin who, thanks to Scully, started his aerobatic career at the age of 17. The adventurous and innovative “funnyman” always has something up his sleeve. Ellis fills the role of “Murdoch”, keeping the team in high spirits at all times.
Team owner and muscleman Arnie is the right wingman. The “Mr T” in the team only started flying aerobatics when he was 49 years old, and co-founded the Flying Lions when he was 53.
In this team, the character of “Face”, the most gentle member of the A-Team, is Sean Thackwray. An ardent warbird lover and acclaimed aviation artist, Sean fulfils the role of the soloist for the Eqstra Flying Lions.
Eqstra, a JSE-listed company, signed as the Flying Lions’ sponsor in 2012. Eqstra’s core business is the distribution, long-term lease and rental of mobile capital equipment and the provision of related value-added annuity services to clients in the construction, mining, industrial and commercial sectors in SA, the rest of Africa, the uk and Ireland.


With youth unemployment at 52 percent in a country where more than half of the population is under the age of 35, programs that help bridge the gap between high school graduation and gainful employment are sorely needed. Not only are placements for training and entry-level employment in short supply, there is a need for programs in which information about career choices is made available to young people in a format which empowers them to make educated decisions about their futures, and inspires them to work towards opportunities in fields that may have previously seemed out of reach.
Boeing and South African Airways (SAA) are helping build that bridge with the September 2014 relaunch of the SiVulindlela Aviation Awareness Project, an interactive and educational program for students in grade eight through 11 that aims to make the opportunities available to them in the aviation and airline sectors more accessible. Daniel Mosely, Boeing communications manager, Europe and Africa,notes, “At Boeing we project a demand for 17,000 pilots and 19,000 airline technicians across Africa over the next 20 years. Project SiVulindlela is one way of connecting with the pilots and technicians of the future and opening the way for a successful career.”
With the innovative aid of an aircraft replica created within a mobile, flatbed-mounted shipping container, Project SiVulindlela offers youths hands-on access to a Boeing 737-800 cockpit, cabin seats, storage cabins and a demonstration engine. A typical workshop day begins with talks by SAA employees, who volunteer their time to share the personal journeys they have each taken to reach their current positions with the airline. Specialists share information on which subjects are important for students to focus on, should they choose to follow a career in aviation or with an airline. Then, students are encouraged to walk through the truck, handling the equipment and controls, and asking questions of facilitators, who are on hand to explain each aspect of the aircraft in language that the students can understand. Afterwards, a short question period concludes the day, with facilitators asking questions based on the previous activities. Students who provide the correct answers are rewarded with giveaways such as caps, backpacks and T-shirts.
“The project seeks to inspire young South Africans from disadvantaged backgrounds to take an interest in the wonders of flying.” –Tlali Tlali, South African Airways
“The project seeks to inspire young South Africans from disadvantaged backgrounds to take an interest in the wonders of flying,” says Tlali Tlali, spokesperson for SAA. “[It aims to] assist the youth to make informed decisions when choosing careers in aviation and to take a keen interest in mathematics, science and technology subjects. The SiVulindlela truck is a practical and unconventional way of creating interest and awareness in aviation.”
This project builds upon SAA’s Vulindlela Aviation Awareness Programme, which has been running for the past nine years. Until recently, the project was using an out-of-date aircraft replica lacking recent technological advancements. Boeing’s contribution enabled the custom-build of a new replica, a small-scale mock-up of the interior of a Next-Generation 737, with SAA providing the personnel and logistics. A partnership with the South African Department of Public Enterprises (DPE) and Basic Education (DBE) has connected the project to a wide network of students, with access granted to all schools across the country through the provincial departments of education.
The truck is scheduled to tour all of South Africa’s nine provinces, visiting as many schools as possible before moving on. It will also appear at career exhibitions, fairs and air shows that are open to the general public, to ensure as wide a reach as possible. SAA’s target is to reach a minimum of 30,000 young people per year, many of whom have never flown before or conceived of the possibility of working in the airline or aviation industries.
“Young learners have limited knowledge and access to information pertaining to aviation,” Tlali notes. “Gearing the sector for specialist skills and transforming the talent pipeline, Project SiVulindlela will allow for the provision of information, which includes a wider spread of career opportunities in the aviation sector, such as technicians, communicators and marketers.” While the main goal of SiVulindlela is to raise awareness of the airline and aviation industries and inspire young people to consider them as career choices, SAA also provides many longer-term training programs for interested youth, from business courses tailored to an aviation environment to commercial-pilot development to flight-dispatcher and cabin-crew training, as well as a series of technical apprenticeship programs.
Youth development will continue to play a key role in shaping a positive future for South Africa, with programs such as these at the forefront, spearheaded by companies like Boeing and South African Airways who possess the foresight to develop interest and knowledge in their industries at a crucial moment in young people’s lives. Their efforts to make resources, information and inspiration available to students could be the turning point that guides them into successful and fulfilling careers with the airlines or in aviation.

Newcastle Are You Ready !!

Visitors to this years Newcastle airshow can look forward to the best Amusement Park !
With rides for toddlers and the young at heart.


AsHooP verfraai huise en tuine met afval sink. Ander mense se gemors word AsHooP se skatte. Ons naam kom van AS daar HooP is word drome waar en natuurlkik kry ons ons sink soms op die ashoop. Ons is n span van drie en elkeen het haar eie spesifieke kunstalent. Ons poog om motiverings kunsstukke te skep en ook borde wat ons Skepper se naam besing. AsHooP het drie jaar gelede ontstaan en ons is so geseend met amper 22000 aanhangers, reg oor die wereld, op Facebook. Ardene,Renate en Alysha het nog baie groot drome vir AsHooP in die toekoms.


Gliders, also known as sailplanes or sailcraft, are a type of aircraft that stays aloft without any power derived from an engine. Instead of using an engine to generate lift, like a traditional plane, the glider attains velocity with the help of a separate support system, such as a tow plane or a winch or automobile launch mechanism. Once a glider is airborne, it rides the air currents to maintain its velocity and navigate a smooth landing.
The Pilatus Glider was made by the same company as the trainers now used in the SAAF and in fact the design work that you see in the PC7 is a direct result of the PC11-B4 glider.
The Pilatus B4 flown by Gary is very rare and is the only one in South Africa, manufactured in 1974, it was way ahead of its time and won multiple world aerobatic championships in its heyday.
Although todays modern aerobatic machines are spectacular to watch and need great skill to fly well, Glider Aerobatics are infinitely more difficult than power aerobatics as the pilot not only has to concentrate on the precision of the maneuver but also on retention of energy, if he runs out of energy he has no engine to pull him out of trouble.
The aircraft is flown by Gary Whitecross, currently the only Aerobatic rated glider pilot and instructor. It will be towed by Ian Buchanan flying a motorized glider called a Lambada.

The Goodyear Eagles Aerobatics Team

The Goodyear Eagles Aerobatics Team has been in the forefront of bringing aerobatic’s excitement to the public for the past 30 years Over this period the Team has had several major sponsors, including Smirnoff, which was the longest aerobatic sponsorship in South African aerobatic history and ran for 18 years, other sponsors have included WesBank and Coca Cola
Goodyear Aviation became the official team sponsor at the beginning of the 2009 season and we are both proud and honoured to be associated with this great company that have been in the forefront of Aviation Tyre technology since the very beginning of manned flight
Since inception the team has been a regular, sought after performer on the South African airshow circuit, as well as having the honour of being the first ever South African team to perform across our borders, being invited to perform in Kenya in Central Africa in 1993 and are privileged to have been invited back to Kenya on another 9 occasions,
The team has also been a regular performer at air shows in Swaziland, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe and in 2008 were privileged to be invited to perform at the Al Ain International Aerobatic Show in the United Arab Emirate where we performed as” The Wizards” and our display included 2 Extra ES300’s, becoming, we think, the first team to perform with not only 2 different types of aircraft, but also incorporating 2 skydivers into the aerobatic display.
The Goodyear Eagles are extremely proud and fortunate to have been invited back to the United Arab Emirates to perform once again at the 2010 Al Ain International Aerobatics Show and to proudly fly the South African flag at this prestigious International event .
The Team was invited back to the UAE in 2013 and as part of the display performed another “World First” by including a female skydiver in the inverted parachute drop. A highlight of the show was that the Team was schedules to perform immediately before the famous Royal Air Force RED ARROWS.
During the late 1980’s the team performed a First, in South African Aerobatic display history by performing an inverted parachute drop as part of the display. In the display the parachutist exits the aircraft midway through a loop and parachutes to the ground. This awe-inspiring act was performed at many airshows across the length and breadth of South Africa
Then in early 2000 the Team executed the FIRST ever Dual Inverted parachute drop ever performed on the African Continent at the Virginia Airshow with 2 skydivers exiting 2 aircraft simultaneously whilst the aircraft are performing a loop. From the crowd response, we know that this was a winner.
Since then the team has performed this display on a vast number of occasions and the crowd response continues to uplift the team and with this in mind and our striving to continually improve.
We performed a World First, a Triple inverted parachute drop, which was seen for the first time in public, and on CNN, at the 2010 Al Ain International Aerobatics Show, in the United Arab Emirates.
The Goodyear Eagles Aerobatic Team continually strive to enrich and improve our displays, not only to entertain but also to educate the airshow public of the full capabilities and manoverability of the wonderful aircraft we fly, namely the Pitts Special S2B and we strive to keep the Skies full of thrills for the entire duration of our display.
The Team now flies 4 Aviat built Pitts Special S2B biplane aerobatic aircraft designed by Curtis Pitts, with 260 hp Lycoming AE540 engines
Only 196 of these magnificent aircraft were built and we are proud to be able to display these fine examples of aerobatic excellence
The Pitts Special dominated world aerobatic competitions in the 1960’s and 1970’s and even today remain a potent aerobatics aircraft
Specifications (S-2B)
General characteristics
• Length: 18 ft 9 in (5.71 m)
• Wingspan: 20 ft 0 in (6.10 m)
• Height: 6 ft 7⅓ in (2.02 m)
• Wing area: 125 ft² (11.6 m²)
• Empty weight: 1,150 lb (521 kg)
• Max takeoff weight: 1,625 lb (737 kg)
• Powerplant: 1× Textron Lycoming AEIO-540-D4A5 flat-six air cooled piston engine, 260 hp (194 kW)
• Max speed: 182 knots (210 mph, 338 km/h)
• Cruise speed: 152 knots (175 mph, 282 km/h) (max cruise)
• Stall speed: 52 knots (60 mph, 97 km/h)
• Range: 277 NM (319 mi, 513 km)
• Service ceiling: 21,000 ft (6,400 m)
• Rate of climb: 2,700 ft/min (13.7 m/s)
• Wing loading: 13.0 lb/ft² (63.6 kg/m²)
• Power/mass: 0.16 hp/lb (0.26 kW/
The Goodyear Eagles Aerobatics Team
All our pilots highly experience pilots are in full time employment in the aviation industry, and therefore only fly for the team on a part time basis
We therefore have a pool of 7 pilots in the team, with in excess of 60000 hours between them. They all of have aviation in their blood and are amongst “the best of the best” in the sport of aerobatic’s in South Africa and we are proud of each and everyone of them

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