2012 : Program

Start 9:30
1. Sky divers Golden Eagles
2. Oryx Helicopter
3.Team Extreme/ Cirrus
4.Flying Lion Harvards
5.L39 Team
6. Mustang Sally
8.Zoo York Zlins
9.Silver Falcons / Tdak
10.Mazda Zoom
12.Good Year Eagles
13.Team Extreme/ Cirrus
14.Flying Lion Harvards
15.South African flag
16.Red Bull
17.Netstar action show
18.Gabriel Pitts
20.Mustang Sally
21.Good Year Eagles
22.Gabriel Pitts
23.Oryx Helicopter
24.Zoo York Zlins
25.Sky divers Golden Eagles
26.Red Bull
27.Ecko Yaks
28.L39 Team
29.Silver Falcons / Tdak
Finish 4:45
More than 55 exhibitors to insure that young and old can buy something. This include 15 food stalls and the Ncandu 86 Round Table beer tent.
Some of the new exhibitors include Harley Davidson, Mortimer Toyota, GWM, and Altech Netstar the old favourites like Stucky Motors and Menmat Motors will display some new vehicles.
This year the community can rent chairs at one of the exhibitors to sit on. Lots of Newcastle Air show memorabilia will be on sale at this years Air Show.
Champ Marketing has invested money into the new Airport building and are very proud of the new look building.
Make sure you make your way to the Newcastle Airport on Saturday 2nd June for the annual Newcastle Air show - now part of the KZN Winter Air tour. Young and old will enjoy some of the best aerobatic teams in SA - Harvard’s, Pitts, L39's, Mustang Sally, the Silver Falcons, Oryx helicopters and one of the highlights the Gripen fighter plane. Gates open at 8am

3 May 2012

Members of the KwaZulu-Natal Winter Air Tour Steering Committee
Sponsors and Potential Sponsors
Officials of the Municipalities Capital Sounds
Members of the media.
Airports don't need flashy commercials to get people's attention. We have very skilful pilots, who like to show off doing loops and drops and other breath taking tricks, which the mere mortals on the ground admire.
I am thrilled to be part of the launch of the KwaZulu-Natal Winter Air Tour. Not only because of the fun and smiles that the actual air shows will put on the faces the visitors but also because air shows have an economic overflow that benefits the surrounding areas.
Regional airports can be valuable assets in tourism development, especially when combined with neighbouring businesses. Across the globe the days of travelling hundreds of kilometres to the nearest major airport are numbered. Global Aviation analysts predict a shift to point to point travel and it is estimated that regional and commuter aviation will have increased by 25% in 2016. The transition and development of multi-airport systems will be a key mechanism by which air transportation systems around the world will be able to meet future demand.
An article in the 2008 Journal of Transportation Engineering describes the benefits of developing regional airports.
It will:
relieve congestion at primary airports while providing additional capacity to the regional air transportation system
provide increased operational robustness by spatially decoupling operations and reducing the effects of disruptions
offer new travel alternatives for residents of the region, which translates into reduced airport access distance and travel time
generate direct, indirect and induced regional economic impacts (i.e. employment, revenue sources for surrounding cities from taxes, attract new companies, etc.), and
reduce the effects of monopolistic positions that can sometimes emerge in single-airport systems.
All these benefits have great value for municipalities as it will increase their revenue. The green light is on to a healthy future for regional airports. Therefore the Provincial Treasury has invested R81.5 million over the past two years and the 2012/13 financial year to develop the Pietermaritzburg, Ulundi and Richards Bay airports. Of this, R44 million has been spent. Meanwhile funding proposals to include the development of the other three regional airports (Newcastle, Margate,Virginia) are underway.
The money invested in the Pietermaritzburg Airport – the first of the regional airports to be developed has already borne fruit. The number of people using the airport has doubled since we started renovations in 2010.
Regional airports are increasingly attracting interest from companies (big and small), who want to invest in their future. Thank you to all sponsors who have already come on board and those who will be joining soon. We also thank the KwaZulu-Natal Winter Air Tour Steering Committee for their hard work and the municipalities for availing the airports. The revenue generated at the air shows will be used to improve conditions at the airports.
With an expected 50 000 visitors attending the six air shows in Newcastle, Margate, Virginia, Pietermaritzburg, Ulundi and Richards Bay), the Net Present Value (sponsorship and visitors from outside KZN) is estimated to be over R7 million over the next three years. Of course many more people will be watching the sky spectacle in adjacent areas.
Surveys on air shows revealed that the visitors attracted to the shows fall in the higher average household income groups. Hotel beds will be filled, local restaurants visited and money will be spent at local stores, all adding up to job creation and a diverse but stabilising local economy. Where possible all goods and services needed for the air shows will be procured from service providers in the area.
Besides the short term benefits of hosting air shows, it also puts the spotlight on the aviation industry.
it encourages future aviators to participate in the sport
it inspires aviation manufacturers to improve the quality of their products and
it attracts potential investors to establish freights services and other prospective businesses.
The long and the short of it is, air shows can be good business. It is also big fun, and a great way to meet your either your neighbour or people from across the country and even the globe.
Enjoy the air shows.

The KZN Winter Tour

“As a province we want to increase tourism,” said KZN MEC for Economic Development and Tourism, Mike Mabuyakhulu. “We have approximately 49 airports of various sizes and therefore have developed a comprehensive provincial strategy linking them to tourism. We are a province who keeps our promises. Ten years ago we announced the building of a new airport to handle the influx of visitors and two years ago it was delivered... now we are planning to involve the smaller air fields.”
The KZN Winter Tour is but one of a series of events envisaged for the province to enhance its tourism appeal to both domestic and international visitors, who despite the increase in fuel costs are still keen to travel.
“In the next 2-3 years we will have established a free trade zone and want to ensure the use of smaller airports,” he said.
This view was substantiated by KZN MEC for Finance Ina Cronje who stated: “Regional airports can be valuable assets in tourism development, especially when combined with neighbouring businesses.
“Global aviation analysts predict a shift in point-to-point travel," she stated, “and it is estimated that regional and commuter aviation will have increased by 25% in 2016. The transition and development of multi-airport systems will be a key mechanism by which air transportation systems around the world will be able to meet future demand.”
AND now to the KZN Winter Tour as a catalyst for the influx of visitors to the province.
Brain-child of Dr Clive Coetzee – KZN Infrastructure Management and Economic Services and brought to fruition by a team of professionals headed by Brian Emmenis, the KZN Winter Air Tour is a first in conception and placed KZN as a leading province with respect to innovation.
The project which has been in the making for 5 months sees airshows taking place in Newcastle, Ulundi, Richards Bay, Pietermaritzburg, Margate and Durban.
“This is a big milestone for South African aviation,” said Brian. “Overseas, next to football, airshows attract the largest audiences (spectators)... and this tour is the natural evolution of the annual Wings Airshow which had its inception in 1985 and was based here (Virginia Airport).
“Safety is paramount for this tour and [to this end] we have the involvement of South Africa’s foremost specialists... and what are we going to see?”
The main mandate from the KZN government has been the involvement of locals, giving the smaller guys the opportunity and to this end spectators can watch the best-of-the-best with respect to South African aerobatic pilots – both solo and as part of a team. Helicopters, the South African Air Force, Yak 52s, Silver Falcons, Grippons, sky-dive legend Ian Douglas, microlites, Equestra – Flying Lions, Good Year Eagles and more.
Each airshow is going to be different according to Brian. The opening at Newcastle (the first show of the tour) is going to see the SA Air Force in all its glory; and Richards Bay, which hasn’t hosted an airshow for a number of years will have an eclectic programme.
Ulundi in northern KZN has never hosted an airshow before and there are hundreds of youngsters who have never had the experience of seeing an aerobatic aircraft or even the knowledge that the aviation industry has a number of career options... and this is something about which KZN MEC for Finance Ina Cronje is passionate, so much so that she has asked for career guidance booths to be included in the static displays at each of the airports.
Pietermaritzburg, Margate and Durban – all on the agenda will each have something to boast about, especially the latter which will have the involvement of the larger passenger aircraft. “Durban always comes up trumps,” added Brian, “it will be a thank you to the province, aviators etc.”
Each of the airshows will also showcase those involved with the emergency services in the form of a Grand Parade which will open the proceedings featuring fire fighters, marching bands, air traffic controllers, SAPS and more.
2 June – Newcastle
9 June – Richards Bay
16 June – YOUTH DAY – Ulundi
23 June – Pietermaritzburg
7 July – Margate
14 July – Durban (Virginia)
Programmes and special events will be announced for each of the respective airshows over the coming weeks.

South Africa’s Biggest Regional Airshow Tour

The KZN Winter Air Tour will be among the top aviation events in South Africa, especially at a combined regional initiative.
The Winter Air Tour will serve as a regional marketplace for KZN’s six regional airports and the aviation community at a whole and has been greeted with tremendous support from industry players, quickly developing a position as a tour to be watched as it sets a standard in what can be accomplished in a provincial and private industry partnership.
It promises to be the only event of its kind that brings together the various municipal districts of the KZN Province, including players in the private aviation industry and businesses in support of the airshow arena.
Sky-high Thrills For The Weekend
In its full glory, the various Airshows will not be ‘all business and no play’. Each show will include a range of unique events, VIP areas, shopping and of course the very best in airshow programmes. Young and old, aviation enthusiasts and anyone who enjoys a day of adrenaline-pumping revelry under the sun will make it a must-watch to get to one of the 6 shows in the amazing KZN province. From masterful aerobatic flying displays to the excitement of fun fairground attractions, food, and collectables, the KZN Winter Air Tour has the makings of a new calendar highlight that will give families and friends a weekend of fun.
Show Locations and Dates
Newcastle June 2nd
Richards Bay June 9th
Ulundi June 16th
Pietermaritzburg June 23rd
Margate Air Show 7th July
Durban Air Show 14th July

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