Menno Parsons and his pride and joy, the P-51 Mustang Sally

Arguably one of the biggest attractions at this years’ Newcastle Airshow will be Menno Parsons and his pride and joy, the P-51 Mustang Sally.

Roaring, spitting and kicking the V12 soundtrack of this plane, described by many as the most beautiful ever made, is guaranteed to leave the hairs on your neck stand up.

Parsons, one of the main sponsors this year, is a man whose reputation preceeds him.

He has one of the finest aircraft collections in the country, if not the world, and is never shy to show it off.

Kids often arrive dressed in full Mustang Sally fighter gear at airshows for him to sign.

The North American made P-51 is most famous for being instrumental in the turn of tides during the Second World War.

It is an all-round fighter that was also used to escort bombers between 1943 and 1945. Its best attribute besides its ferociously good looks, is its superior range.

Well-versed in airshow crowds, Parsons takes great satisfaction in giving them a show to remember, every time.

He will display his planes from every possible angle, doing multiple fly-bys just to change the view.

But what sets him aside is his genuine love for planes and all things to do with flying.

His enthusiasm is often contagious and as much pride as he takes in his aircrafts, he loves to share his passion and educate others.

He started flying in 2006, and now ten years later, is described as a master in aviation.

His passion for warbirds and helicopters has driven him to obtain many ratings.

‘Nothing gives me more pleasure that to share my interest with others, especially awakening an interest in young children and giving them a reason to dream big.’

Mustang Sally won’t be the only friend Parsons will be bringing along.

His Tiger Huey ZS-HGC helicopter as well as his North American T-28 Trojan will be along – both sure to be a spectacle to remember.