Airshow FANC Info

Media Info

Here is all the info you need for Saturday’s Newcastle airshow.

* Passes will be ready for collection by Friday lunchtime at the airport building as in the past. Speak to the friendly lady at the counter and she will help you.
* If however, you are arriving on Saturday morning, I will leave your names at the gate so that you will be allowed entry and then you can proceed to the terminal building to collect your pass.
* Hopefully, as in the past, the media will be allowed to park near the terminal building.
* RAASA accredited photogs will be allowed live side as in the past but MUST stay +/- 2 to 3 metres from the fence.
* Please do not (as far as possible) block the paying publics view. Choose a speaker and stand in front that.
* A request from Brian Emmenis to the media to please not stand anywhere in front of his area.
* If in the event (God forbid) of an incident, the media MUST assemble back at the airport building for further info. Do not run toward the scene…
* I am sure Johan and his excellent team will help us with refreshments as in the past. That would be much appreciated.

There will not be a media briefing as it is unnecessary - this should suffice. If there is anything I need to add, I will find you and inform you of any change of plan.

Lets hope for good weather and a safe airshow.