Falcons, Eagles, Pits, Yaks and RED Bull are lined up for the Newcastle Air show.

The first official licensed air show takes place in Newcastle on 4 June.
The organizers already started working in 2008 to ensure that Newcastle and the Amajuba District can enjoy a day filled with action. A day where children and even adults can dream again!
‘I – can dream’ is therefore the theme of the air show. The organizers, Johan Pieters and Christo van der Vyfer, from Champ Marketing, had a vision to present one of the largest projects in Northern Kwazulu Natal. It was important for them that the community experience something that does not happen ever day. It is also important that people dream again – not only about their future, but also about being able to fly one day. “In the Amajuba district population, possibly only one tenth has ever flown, not to mention ever seen aeroplanes or helicopters close up”, said the team.
The project was presented to Tourism KZN, who saw the opportunity to become involved in a project in Northern KZN to bring awareness to this beautiful part of KZN.”This is a reminder to all our potential visitors that KZN has a lot more on offer. We want to encourage people to visit and explore other parts of KZN that will give them unique and unforgettable experiences” said Lihle Dlamini
The Tourism Committee of the Amajuba District already approved and supported the project last year. (during 2010)
Newcastle Municipality looks forward to the economic impact it will have on Newcastle and supports the project.
Visitors to the air show can look forward to a day of enjoyment at the Newcastle Airport. Gates already open at 8am in the morning. At an entry fee of R50 per adult and R20 per scholar, visitors can look expect to see the best pilots in the country in action.
The following aircraft will entertain visitors: the Gabriel Pitts, Cell C Harvats, Red Bull Extra 300, Albatros Formation, Yak 52, Goodyear Pitts, Snake Formation, T 28, Impala MK1, Yak 52 Formation, Chipmunks and the most spectacular of all, the participation of the air force.
The elite team of the South African air force, the Silver falcons, as well as the Golden eagles parachute jumpers, will be in action. The air force display in itself will attract much attention. SAAF brings the following to Newcastle – Dak, Caravan and Golden Eagles, CASA, Augusta, Oryx and a surprise or two.
Amajuba District skies will most certainly be an artwork of aircraft on 4 June.
East Coast Radio will do a live outside broadcast from 10am to 1pm to kick off the CSI part of the annual Winter Warmth in Newcastle.
Dads can look forward to a beer garden, amid a large number of exhibitors, from car dealers to toys and not to mention food stalls. Children will definitely enjoy the Spur kids’ corner.